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  • Just wanted you to know that we purchased a shower head from the Fresno Home and Garden show recently and I cannot tell you what a difference in our shower. We have wonderful pressure and the pleasant aroma of lemon every time we turn on the shower. I will tell all my friends about this wonderful product!Charlotte Fresno, CA

  • Our experience with your service and product are excellent!!!!Dave Fresno, CA

  • Just bought your shower head at the show in Vancouver,Wa. Wow, it's even better than I thought it would be!!! Thanks for making such a excellent product. Jay Vancouver,WA

  • Thank you. Our water is from a well. Not only do we have low water pressure, but it is hard. The Aroma Sense showerhead makes the water much softer and we don't have nearly the hard water build up in the shower that we used to. It has improved our water pressure too making showers much more plesant.Alicia Fresno, CA

  • Your showerhead is amazing. My skin and hair have improved sooo much. The vitamin C really works. I feel much cleaner and my skin is much softer too. The aroma is very theraputic. I have ordered a 3 pack of Citrus, Lavender and Eucalyptus.Mari Las Vegas, NV, CA

  • I was skeptical about your claims, but I have to admit your showerhead does improve water pressure. Our water system is very bad and I didn't think there was any hope. I look forward to seeing you at the fair and get a second showerhead for the guest bathroom.Bob Spencer, IA

  • I bought one of your showerheads a year ago at the Del Mar Fair. It was a blessing and a curse. I enjoy my showers very much, but everyone was using my shower. This year I bought a second one and I'm happy to say we have a peaceful household once again. Thank you for such an awesome product.Lynn San Diego, CA

  • We have a lot of dirt in our water. I was always having to replace the shower because it would get plugged up. It is good that I can take it apart and clean it. It only takes a few minutes and its like having a new shower. My wife and children like the smell and we feel better. Juan Bakersfield, CA

  • Rarely, do I endorse a product but your Aroma showerhead is fabulous. It was easy to install and works beautifully. I especially like that I can take it apart for cleaning and then put it back together without and problem. This is a product that I enjoy every day. It just works!Jill Newport Beach, CA

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