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You actually take in a significant amount of chlorine when taking a bath. Chlorine not only kills bad bacteria, but is also harmful to our delicate skin. A fact very few people are aware of is that, you absorb more chlorine during a 10-minute shower than by drinking 8 glasses of tap water. Chlorine can cause fine lines and wrinkles, and some people may develop a rash from chlorine exposure.

Aroma Sense - Vitamin C Spa Shower Head

Rejuvenate your tired body & mind with our Prestige & Luxury Aroma Sense Shower head!

It helps you enjoy Aroma Spa and Fine Mist shower with Vitamin C in the comfort of your bathroom!


  1. 1) Removes 98% chlorine from tap water.
  2. 2) Adds 421,400 negative ions/cc.
  3. 3) Adds Vitamin C equivalent 3,000 Lemons.
  4. 4) Comes with Aroma-Vita C gel filter that lasts up to 6,000 liters.
  5. 5) Anti-bacteria ceramic balls help to remove germs in water.
  6. 6) Micro Fabric filter helps remove contaminants, rust, and floating particles.
  7. 7) Environment-friendly design uses 10~25% less water. Saves up to 36,000 liters of water per year
  8. 8) Raises water pressure about 1.5 times higher than normal shower head for Spa Massage effect.
  9. 9) Easy to install & replace a filter


Relieves itching, and helps with eczema (dry skin) Improves skin condition by helping to create collagen Whitening and moisturizing effect for beauty care Helps restore damaged hair, and reduce hair fall.


  • Product: Aroma Sense 701
  • Constitution: Shower Head (1) + Lemon Filter (1)
  • Water Hole Size: 361 EA / 310mm
  • Weight: 379g
  • Jetting Capacity: 9.8L/min
  • Pressure: 1k/cm
  • Water Height More than 1.4m (95~100%)
  • Negative ion: 421,000 EA / CC
  • Size: Width 120mm, Length 70mm, Height 320m
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